24 September, 2019

Are they hidden the cure?

You have heard many of the stories out there, like your teacher telling you the story about the first man to land on the moon, or how we thought  our planet earth was flat, But have you heard of the story of  “Big Pharma”?  It goes something like this:  A cure for cancer exists but pharmaceutical companies or maybe even the Government health agencies and cancer charities are suppressing it.  They make so much money from trying to treat the disease from charities and fundraisers.

In other words, a top-secret group of pharmaceutical , researchers and cancer nonprofits are letting more than 5 million people die each year worldwide, so they can pocket all the money made from cancer. such a story, if true, it would be nothing short of a medical massacre.

Cancer is a very dangerous subject and a few of us have been untouched by its devastating spread. There was a study that 1,000 Americans were asked if they believed there was a conspiracy to hide a cancer cure. The results was very shocking, 27% out of the 1,000 believed the conspiracy was true, 14% were undefined.

The reality is, just because they haven’t found the perfect cure for all cancer doesn’t  mean that they are hiding it from us. Then again, you will never know!

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