24 September, 2019

Welcome to TheFurther.net

Welcome to The Further.

A website dedicated to share conspiracy theories, paranormal research, haunted and abandoned places as well as information on serial killers.

New Conspiracy Theories and Paranormal Research

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The Screaming Tunnel

The Screaming Tunnel

Paranormal - The Screaming Tunnel – Niagara Falls, Canada. Before leaving Canada, there is the strange case of a place close to…

Connecticut’s “Village of the Damned”

Paranormal - Cornwall, Connecticut, USA In the forest surrounding the quiet little town of Cornwall, CT, lies one of the…

The legend of la llorona

La Llorona

Paranormal - The Legend of La Llorona Is said to date from the time of the conquistadors in America, being the spirit…

Mysterious Spaceship - UFO

The Mysterious Airship of 1897

Conspiracy Theories: In 1897, years before any known terrestrial agency had accomplished heavier-than-air flight, members of a secret society in contact…

AIDS Conspiracy theory

Aids / HIV Conspiracy

Conspiracy Theories: Conspiracy Theorists argue that AIDS did not come out of Africa, but out of secret government laboratories that created…

FBI releases serial killer Samuel Little’s drawings of victims

Serial Killers: The FBI released Samuel Little’s drawings in…